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Until someone submits the correct answers to these Trivia Questions we will not add any more trivia questions at this time.

Week #3 

1.   What type of car did Sheehan's garage sell?

2.  How much would a whole cake of ice cost
     from the Blanch Brothers in 1909

3. Who were the owners of Morshee's superette?

Week #3 Winner:__________________

Week #2 

1.   Who was the Fire Chief when the Torrent

      was put into use?

2.  Where was the Lubec Jail located? 

3.  When did Clarence Small become Fire Chief?

Week #2 Winner:_______________

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Week #1 

1.   The town of Lubec once paid $5.00 for

       every ???? skin you brought in

2.   Where was Lubec's commercial cranberry 

3.   What was derived from Lubec herring 
      scales and used in nail polish?

Week #1 Winner:_______________

How Well Do You Know Lubec's History?

 Every few weeks we will post a new set of trivia questions along with the name of the "first" person to submit "ALL" the correct answers.   Send your answers to lubechistoricalsociety@yahoo.com, identify the week # your answering, provide you name so we can post it if your the first person with all the correct answers. (first name, last initial or full name). GOOD LUCK & LET THE GAMES BEGIN! 

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