The Brownfield Grant is COMPLETED!  The Columbian Factory behind our building is now demolished and cleared away.  The transformation to the area is amazing and community members have shared how wonderful it looks.  Below are some pictures of the process that started last October 2016.

Building resting on the new foundation before winter sets in

New foundation poured & the building ready to be moved onto it's new resting place

In a half-hour this is all that was left of the once prosperous factory where many worked for years

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Steel beams in place to move the building

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​​We are also in the process of painting our building and adding two new signs that say "Lubec Historical Society & Museum". We are very excited about all the changes that have been accomplished thanks to the generousity of the community and our members.

 If you would like to help us complete the new room with windows, double doors, steps, clapboards, etc. any size donation is appreciated, make your check out to the Lubec Historical Society c/o 155 Main Street, Lubec, ME  04652.  We are OPEN THROUGH the  RENOVATIONS - come see us!

Lubec Historical Society & Museum

"Looking to the Future While Preserving Our Past..."

Columbian Factory before demolition

 A very special Thank You to all our dedicated members who volunteered their time and talent to build our new addition.  The new room houses the Town's Cannon & Watering Trough, the Channel Light Bell (aka Spark Plug), the Gold from Seawater display and other artifacts pertinent to Lubec's history

The factory is gone, cleared away, as if it never existed only the memories of those who once

worked at the Columbian remain